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2019 Rules + Policies Transponders

Drivers!!! Don’t forget, you need a Transponder. For more information, please contact Southwest Speedway. Contact information is available on our website or Facebook page.

Here are some questions being asked about the AMB Transponder system that will be place at
Southwest Speedway this year.

Q: What is the value to the driver?
A: It will eliminate the human element of scoring and mistakes. It will also shorten the time it takes to get cars lined up after a caution. You will have access to a web site where you can view your lap-by-lap speeds from the nights you raced at Southwest Speedway.

Q: How can you tell if the transponder is working?
A: After power has been supplied to the transponder unit, a green light will be lit on the transponder unit. This indicates that the unit is working correctly.

Q: What happens if the transponder stops working?
A: The transponder unit has a 3-year warranty. If it stops working, you send it back to the company and they will send you a new one. The warranty does not cover a transponder unit damaged from a racing accident.

Q: Will the unit I purchase work at other tracks?

A: Yes, on other circle tracks.

Transponder Installation Specifications
Modifieds: Right side on the mid plate.
Wissota Street Stocks: On the right side, inside the frame, approximately 21 – 23 inches behind the lower ball joint.
Southwest Speedway Hobby Stocks: On the right side, at least 21 inches behind the right front lower ball joint.
General Mounting Instructions
All transponders will be mounted on the passenger (right side). Use your skill to make the necessary mount.
Mount as low as possible, slightly above the lower frame rail or the lowest protected point. 24 inches above the ground is the maximum, but should be lower to keep a strong signal.
Your measurement should be accurate to less than 1 inch. Avoid or protect from exhaust heat.
Mount securely; you don’t want it to fall off during the race.
The centerline of the transponder will be the arrow on the body or on the bracket. The arrow shows the mounting direction.
REMEMBER: Car number still need to be easy to read for spectators, announcers and for manual scoring should your transponder fail. Be sure to check your class rules or sanction body rules for minimum sizes of the car numbers.